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Buyers Organization

1.Professional associations support: Inviting the potential buyers through professional associations, such as HKBSA, Japanese Religious Federation, Miri Orthodox Buddhist Buddhist Association,INBSA, Korean Buddhist Association, BLIA(Buddha’s Light International Assaciation),Hong Kong Buddhist Studies Association,CYBA, China Buddhist Association, Tzu Chi Foundation, Associacao international Budista Progresso de Mecau,and domestic Buddhist associations covering China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asian countries and areas.

2. Buyers Groups Organizing: Organizing the purchasers and temples from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asian countries and regions.

3. Website support: Promoting and releasing the latest information by www.buddhafair.com/www.vffair.com and the professional purchasing website for Buddhist items: www.buddha35.com

4. Exhibition Promotion: Promoting the fair and attracting more trade visitors by participating in related fairs all over the world.
5. Brochures distribution: Inviting trade visitors from home and abroad by post, fax and mail.